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What do you want in your South Florida Realtors? Just Ask Us? Our goal is helping you make better property decisions.

* Comparable Market Analysis * ROI – Return on Investment * Investment Properties * Inspections * Closing Fees * Closing Date * Pricing * The Walk Thru * The Offer * Marketing * The House * Ownership * Lawyers * The Bank Rentals * Pets * Just ask !!!

Ed Margolis and Marci Swatt are the Qualifying Brokers. They associate with hundreds of successful So Florida Realtors and Associates who speak French, Spanish, Hebrew, Creole, Portuguese and more. There is vast experience and depth in your Mast Realty team. We offer more than a hundred years experience! Mast Realty consults and help buy, sell and manage thousands of properties. Mast Realty agents live in So Florida … New and seasoned professionals, we work on your behalf.

Please consider our invitation to work with you as a positive opportunity. Plese reach us at, through social media, by phone or text or in person. Please engage us for a free confidential consultation and comparable property analysis. Or if you are looking for a bright career with a successful team in the So Florida Real Estate industry, please ask your South Florida professionals or Brokers Marci and Ed today at 305-767-7671. Look for the Sale! Together we help you make better property decisions.

Marci Swatt and Ed Margolis
Qualifying Brokers
and the Mast Realty Team and Associates
501 Golden Isles Drive, Suites 204 B and F
Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

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address501 Golden Isles Drive, Suites 204 B and F
Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

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Mast Realty, Inc.
501 Golden Isles Drive; Suites 204 B and F
Hallandale Beach, FL 33009


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